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The founder of Silat Perisai Diri is RMS Dirdjoatmodjo and among his 

student, he used to be called as Pak Dirdjo.


On January 8th, 1913,   He was born in  Yogyakarta inside  the community  

of Paku Alaman Kingdom.  On his 9th year old,  his  friends trusted  him to 

become martial arts trainer for their age. This is because he had a talent in

martial arts compare to his friends.


When  he  was  16 years  old,  he decided  to move out  from the kingdom 

civilization  for  one reason:  He wanted  to travel  around Java  for learning 

martial arts.


His first destination is to the east of Java. He  went to Jombang to learn at

Pondok Tebu Ireng, which was famous for learning martial arts and religion.

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After learning at  Jombang,  his  second

destination  was  back to  central  Java. 

He went to Solo and Semarang  to  learn 

at  Pondok  Randu Gunting  which was 

also  famous for martial arts.


As a normal teenager, the young Dirdjo

never felt satisfy for what he already had.

He was still willing  to learn more martial

arts   from   other   teachers.   So,  after 

finishing the lesson from his teachers in

central  Java,  he moved to  Cirebon and

Kuningan in West Java.

Why  did  he  learn  from  many  guru’s ?  In  his point of view,  by  having  a new  guru,  he will have more

knowledge. More, one guru can renovate other’s weakness.


After feeling that what he had was enough, he went to Jombang again and established his first martial arts

called  EKA KALBU  (one heart).  During  the  time,  he met  a Chinese  guru  that  was  excellence  in

Siauw Liem Sie,  one  of  Chinese  martial arts.  His  name is  Yap Kie San.


Since  he  met  Yap Kie San,  he learned  martial  arts  from  him  for  14 years  until  he felt  that he had

gotten  what  he was  looking for.


In 1954,  Pak Dirdjo  moved to  Surabaya and stay  there  for  good.  He worked for  Indonesian Arts  and

Culture Department,  in martial arts  division.  One year after,  he  established the new Indonesian martial

arts  called  PERISAI DIRI  on  July 2nd,  1955.  In  complete  words,  it is  stated as Keluarga Silat

Nasional Indonesia PERISAI DIRI  (The Brotherhood of Indonesian Martial Arts PERISAI DIRI).


On May 9th, 1983,  Pak Dirdjo  passed  away  on his 70  years old.  The  responsibility  of  PD technique

had been trusted to his students that are now in Pendekar level, which is the highest level in Perisai Diri.

Due to  his existences in bringing  Indonesia  to be known overseas, the Indonesian government awarded

him  with  an honor title of Pendekar Purna Utama  (Greatest martial arts master)  in  1986.


Since  it was  established,  the technique of  Silat Perisai Diri has never been changed, added or reduced.

With its motto,  ‘learn martial arts without injury’,  PERISAI DIRI has been received   in  all  society  and

ages, ranging  from  students  to  professionals  and  from  children  to  adults.


Surprisingly,  Perisai Diri  does  not  only  exist  in  Indonesia.  Since  the organization consists of people

with intelligence  and  professionalism,  PERISAI DIRI has spread out  through other countries in Asia,

Australia,   Europe  and  America.    PD   has   established   and   grow  very  well  in  Australia.  Other

countries  such  as  Japan (Tokyo),  United Kingdom (London),  United State (New York) ,  Netherlands

(Holland and Utrecht),  Switzerland (Zurich), Germany (Berlin) and Austria (Wina) have also had training

classes of Silat PERISAI DIRI.