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- Mandatory Weapons -

Thoya as long weapon and Swords as

medium weapon


   Silat Perisai Diri is a complete martial arts. We train the members

      not only using their human body for self defense, but also using

        anything as weapon.


         In our terms, weapons are divided into 2 categories: mandatory

      weapons and supplementary weapons.


   Mandatory weapons consist of 3 kinds of weapon: 

  • Knife             : as a basic of short weapon

  • Sword           : as a basic of medium weapon

  • Thoya (Stick) : as a basic of long weapon


By having the capability of using those weapons, someone will be able to use anything with similar

shape as a weapon.  For example,  after learning knife,  they will be able to use  pen, fork or pencil

as weapon if needed.


Supplementary weapons are all weapons that excluded in mandatory one. Those weapons can be

doublestick, samurai, sickle, abir (stick with big knife at the end), chain, umbrella, etc.


However, being capable in using those weapons is not the final result of weapons training in Perisai Diri.

When someone has learned Silat Perisai Diri, they are expected to be able to use anything as weapon.

It doesn’t have to be sharp, long and deadly.  Items that we see daily, such as pen, bag, tie, chair and

plate, can become our weapon to defense ourselves. This is what you will learn in weapon’s training of

Silat Perisai Diri.