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Animal Technique Human Technique
Burung Mliwis Satria
Burung Kuntul Pendeta
Burung Garuda Putri



Burung Mliwis


In Bahasa, Burung Mliwis refers to a sea bird called heron. It has long legs and

often lifts one of its leg when relaxing. Since the bird is light, it moves easily 

when looking for its food.


The   behavior   of   the   bird   is   then   adapted   into   human   anatomy. 

Burung  Mliwis  moves  easily  and  sometimes  lift  one  leg  for  shielding 

the  body  from  the  opponent . 


During  learning  this technique,  a member will learn more about speed 

how  to control the body  weight  so  they can move fast and light.


When attacking, this technique is using the back of the wrist and top of fingers

as the weapons. The targets of attacking are weak areas of the opponent such as

eyes, nose, ears and groin.





- The Technique of Burung Mliwis -

A double eye jab


Burung Kuntul  


Burung Kuntul is a kind of bird that exists in farm area. They move faster than

heron and sometimes they use their legs for attacking. 


As an adaptation to human body, the technique of Burung Kuntul must be done

faster with more power than Burung Mliwis. During attacking, this technique is

more to whip than to hit. The energy used is distributed very fast; from the central

energy point, then fast transported to the attack area and back to first point.


The targets for attacking are normally to eyes, neck and knee. While attacking,

this technique will put its position on opponent’s side in order to confuse the

enemy and to ease the power explosion.




Burung Garuda  


Burung Garuda is equal to golden eagle. Among the birds, this creature is fast and

very strong and become the king of bird. The claws can be used for grabbing its

victim when hunting.


The technique of Burung Garuda uses more power than Burung Mliwis. The way

it performs the attack is to slice using outer side of the hands or to hit using the

elbow. The target areas are opponent’s neck, chest, head and groin. For defense,

this technique can avoid to opponents side and opponent's back.  When late 

in avoiding,  it can block  opponent’s attack  with variation results,  such as 

body dislocate.


The power used  during performing  the technique  is distributed whenever

clashing  with  opponent.  It is transported  to  hands  and  legs  only.




- Garuda Technique -

Attacking opponent's neck




The technique of Harimau is adapted from tiger. This technique has a good

flexibility and endurance. The power being used is more than Burung Garuda. 


As weapons, Harimau  technique uses claw to scrape , palm to smash, hands to

grab and lock. The legs are used for various kicking using shin, heel, buttock and

sole. The target areas are head, neck, chest, feet, back and groin.


Due to the variation of attacking and steps, the power of Harimau technique is not

transported only to hands and legs, but it is transported to all parts of body.  This is

due to the technique is able to use all part of bodies to attack and to defense.


In general, Harimau technique is wild. The combination of the technique and

power used often result a damage to the opponent, not only in attacking but also in

avoiding. During avoiding, this technique can force to clash against the opponent’s

attack direction.





In Bahasa, Naga refers to Dragon. A dragon use its body and claws to attack and it

moves by waving or spinning the body in the water.


The tachnique of Naga has the strongest power among animal techniques. Same as

a dragon, some steps of this technique are spinning in order to attack the enemy.

The attack mostly using side of hands by hitting the enemy's neck, upper shoulder

and legs. Sometimes it can also throw the enemy's by lifting the body while



The power of this technique is very strong because it spins around the body.

Throught the breathing exercise, this technique is able to build the inner power

and apply it into a good use.




- The technique of Naga -

Ability to expand the inner power


- The human technique of Satria -

Confidence in attacking & blocking



After learning the animal techniques, ranging from light to wild animal, a member

will learn more about Human Technique. At this stage, someone must be able to

perform all animal techniques correctly, including how to develop and explode

the power.


First human technique that will be learned is Technique Satria. The word of

satria refers to a knight in English. This is a person with a good endurance,

powerful, skillful and always think before decide.


Satria technique has more skill in controlling the power for attacking and

avoiding. Through the breathing exercise, this technique always ready to accept

opponents attack without avoiding. It is more to block that will destruct the

opponent. This technique is very confidence in performing and receiving the

attack due to the power it has.


In performing the attack, this technique aims the opponent’s head area, chest, legs,

groin, body side and back. When avoiding, this technique moving to side as usual,

but sometimes it blocks opponents joint for destruction.





The word pendeta refers to someone that is full of wise. This person behaves by

following his heart rather than his emotion.  He gives guidance to others and do

everything right and in a good manner.


Subsequently, it applies to the technique itself. Compare to Ksatria, that is very

confidence and sometimes destroying the enemy while avoiding, this technique is

much wiser in avoiding the attack. This technique does not destroy enemy’s attack

badly like ksatria. During attacking, this technique uses knuckles, heels, body and

forehead. The targets are opponent’s head, back, groin and joints.


By learning this technique someone will also learn how to control the emotions,

because this technique is a bridge in learning  the highest technique of Perisai Diri:

Putri Technique.




- Technique of Pendeta -

Attacking with knuckles & forehead


- The technique of Putri -

The highest technique in Perisai Diri



This is the highest technique in Perisai Diri. Putri means woman in English. The

technique of Putri is smooth, but it moves very fast when needed. The power

control is vary, it can be delivered very fast to attacking area or rotating through

the body like water.


During attacking, the enemy might not see the attack since it is done effectively

and in high speed. It seems done with no power but has a dangerous result. In

avoiding, it can use enemy’s power for attacking back. It can also destroy

opponent’s attack while avoiding smoothly.


This technique is not only used for self defense but also for health.