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Why Unique?



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Compare to other martial arts, we are unique because of our differences in 

the technique and the combat system.



Avoiding the attack


While some martial arts avoid the opponentís attack by stepping  back or 

blocking, we are more to avoid by stepping forward and locking the enemyís

position. This means that our position will make the opponent slower in 

doing their second attack and ease us to attack back.

- PD's combat system -

avoiding by locking position 

Area for attacking


While other martial arts focus on using their hands and feet to attack, Silat Perisai Diri does

not only focus in using hands and feet, but also the whole body. Other parts of the body such

as heads, shoulder, thigh, bottom and back are used  for attacking as well.



How to attack


Speed is very important for attacking and it applies to all martial arts. In Perisai Diri, we do

not only depend on speed. Even we have a target to perform 2 moves in 1 second, we still

have another strategy in making our attack faster by doing the most effective attack.



System combat rules during training


In training, we have our own fighting rule, which will train the memberís aggregation but

resulting no injury. A pair of member will stand face to face. One of them will perform an

attack in trainerís command and the other may only avoid. After 10 to 20 commands,

It will be exchanged. Attacker will avoid and avoider will attack back.



Following the human anatomy


Silat Perisai Diri does not force human anatomy. As an example, we never train the member

to kick the same high as their head. We have certain reasons for doing this that will be

explained later during the exercise.