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The level range in Perisai Diri is divided into 4 parts:


     1. Dasar       (Basic Level)

     2. Keluarga  (General Level)

     3. Pelatih     (Trainer Level)

     4. Pendekar (Masters)

- The badge of PD -

Belt and stripe on the badge

identify PD's rank





Dasar Level is differed between Indonesia and other countries.  In Indonesia, Dasar is divided

into 3 levels, but in other countries, dasar is divided into 6 levels. The objectives of Basic level are:

  • To learn the basic steps of Perisai Diri

  • To introduce the basic technique of Perisai Diri

  • To learn and perform the basic combat system of Perisai Diri

  • To develop the stamina




After  passing  the  basic  level  by  joining  the grading  session,  they  will move  into Keluarga Level.

At this level, a member will learn more techniques and develop more skills in martial arts. Comparing to

DASAR level,  the level range is not different  between   Indonesia  and other countries. The objectives 

of this level are:


  • To train the speed of their moves. The target is 2 moves in 1 second

  • Learn individual technique (tehnik asli) for each rank.

    Each technique has specialty to be trained such as behavior of attacking and

    avoiding, energy used, power shifting, power control, speed and stability of


  • Develop the ability to apply Perisai Diri’s combat system

  • Learn how to use weapons, including understanding the advantages and disadvantages

  • Self Defense application





After joining for more than 6 years and passing all grading session in Keluarga level, they become an

international trainer of Perisai Diri.  At this level, a member will learn technique and combat system in

advance level. This is only possible if the member is skillful in Perisai Diri technique. 

The objectives of trainer level are:

  • To learn advance combat system and put them into application.

  • To learn how to expand ’inside power’ by breathing exercise.

  • To learn how to control the inside power and how to distribute the power expansion, as well 

    as how to explode the power through part of bodies, without reducing the speed.

  • To learn advance weapons usability. At this level, every single thing is a deadly weapon. 

    It does not have to be sharp, big or long.




As the last level  in  Perisai Diri,  Pendekar  title  will only be given to certain members that has got 

the  ability  to  perform  the  technique  as  well  as  to clarify  them  to  lower  levels.   At this level, 

a  Pendekar  will  learn  soft  technique  with more  dangerous  result.




Level Belt Badge Stripe on Badge Duration

     Basic Level - Indonesia

Dasar I White     6 Months
Dasar II Black     6 Months
Calon Keluarga Red Black   6 Months

     Basic Level  - Overseas

White Belt White  Black   3 Months
White Green Belt White Green  Black   3 Months
Green Belt Green  Black   3 Months
Green Blue Belt Green Blus  Black   3 Months
Blue Belt Blue  Black   3 Months
Blue Red Belt Blue Red  Black   6 Months
Calon Keluarga Red Black   6 Months

     Intermediate Level

Keluarga Putih Red Black White 6 Months
Keluarga Putih Hijau Red Black White Green 6 Months
Keluarga Hijau Red Black Green 6 Months
Keluarga Hijau Biru Red Black Green Blue 1 Year

     Trainer Level

International  Assistance I Red Black Yellow Blue 2 Years
International Assistance II Red Black Yellow Blue Red 2 Years
International Trainer I Red Black Yellow Red 3 Years
International Trainer II Red Black Yellow Red Yellow 3 Years

     Pendekar Level

Pendekar Muda Red Black Yellow Yellow  
Pendekar Red Yellow Gold PD initial